The sign of a good retoucher is no sign at all.

In post-production, there is an opportunity to breathe new life into images. We believe in pursuing this opportunity, but we do so from a set of clear principles. Situated in Amsterdam - our goal is to preserve the natural beauty that we see all around us, imbuing all of our work with a real look that never overwhelms, never covers up, and never obscures.

This means that perfection is 
not of interest to us. The artificial and the fake are never what we want in post-production. Instead, we appreciate and embrace the concept of irregularity, from the strange way that light bounces off surfaces to the uniqueness of every face. Through the "irregular" details, we find our own concept of grandeur and splendid imagery.


This is, in short, post-production done with the finesse of an honest eye.


We choose our materials and our techniques carefully, working out of a cozy but functional office in Amsterdam and drawing on cosmopolitan roots that have stretched all the way to Manhattan. Serving photographers, advertising agencies, creatives worldwide, we collaborate with professionals in New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam, and other major metro areas.

When you are up against a deadline, Atelier can help you, making production simpler and more convenient than you ever thought possible. We are experienced in both photography and production, and we offer a range of services that include:


• exhibition printing
• film scanning
• elaborate color grading
• film emulation / color science
• campaign/editorial/e-commerce retouch
• digital manipulation
• optional calibrated projection studio

At our retouch studio, we offer a color-calibrated environment and digital artistry for all of your post-production needs. We have worked with some of the biggest names in fashion and appeared in such publications as 
Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.


There is magic in post-production, yes – but we always keep it real.

Atelier 99 Retouch
Bottelarijstraat 341 
1019 VC Amsterdam

Atelier 99 - Retouching office in Amsterdam